Private Tours

There many awesome sights to see in Kefalonia and we will be happy to take you to visit them on a private tour of the Island. Feel free to ask us for any requests but here are just some that we recommend:

1. Explore the Ancient Kefalonia

  • The Venetian Castle of Saint George
  • The Byzantine monastery of Saint Andreas
  • the Ancient acropolis of Sami village
  • The Venetian Castle in Assos
  • The Roman cemetery of Fiscardo

and also explore the lesser known ancient Kefalonia like:

  • The Mycenaean cemetery in Mazarakata
  • The Cyclopean walls of ancient Crani
  • The Mycenaean Tholos tomb at Tzanata village
  • The Ancient Temple of the Odysseus period in Pyrgi village

2. Religious Exhibitions

Such tours would include a visit to the world known Saint Gerasimos Monastery (the relics of the saint are dressed in the vestments of the burial, and is placed inside a silver reliquary over his grave).

Another great sight is the Marvelous Monastery of Kipoyria, built in 1759, on the edge of a cliff 300 meters above the sea! You can enjoy one of the most breathtaking sunsets ever!

myrtos beack kefalonia3. Daily tours of various Kefalonian sights

Full daily island tour

  • drogarati cave with stalactites and stalagmates
  • sami harbour
  • old vlahata samis
  • antisamos beach
  • myrtos beach winning beach in europe
  • melisani lake-cave
  • agia efimia
  • assos village
  • fiscardo village

Top Attraction Toursmelisani lake cave

  • myrtos award winning beach in europe
  • kefalonian traditional village of assos
  • high status cosmopolitan resort fiscardo

4. Wine Tours

Our Professional Staff will guide you into the world of Kefalonian quality wines. You can visit small and medium sized renowned Kefalonian vineyards that produce some of the best wines in Europe. Many are still owned and run by private families. You will discover a new generation of Kefalonian wine makers that are dedicated to making new and exciting products. The present exciting wines – and ancient recipes – offer endless possibilities for wine lovers around the world.

5. Paragliding right above the infamous Myrtos beach

Have you ever imagined you could fly over one of the best beaches in the world?

You’re in luck, because the island’s ideal paragliding location is right above Myrtos beach, one of the most beautiful in the world. Wind conditions here are perfect for this sport and you’ll be treated to stunning views.

A breezy favorite among paragliding lovers, the stunning Myrtos beach is always lively on land, sea and air, and manages to keep its name as one of the island’s most scenic shores.